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What's Your Level?

BellaGeneration Hair System is a 2 in 1, natural, chemical free, polyethnic and cruelty free hair care company with a mission to unlock nature’s potential to deliver solutions that improve the quality of hair. We are non animal tested and have a solution for all hair types. We have four levels for all types of hair from straight hair, wavy, curly to kinky. #WhatsYourLevel #GenerationB.

What do the Levels 1-4 mean?

Level 1: Straight Hair

Straight hair has little to no texture. The hair is completely or close to completely straight from root to tip. This hair type tends to be very shiny, lacking in volume, resilient (hard to damage) and is usually really hard to curl.


Level 2: Wavy Hair
Wavy hair is defined by a texture that starts further down the hair shaft (the roots tend to be straighter and gradually gain a wave). This hair type has a loose ‘s’ shaped pattern instead of spirals. This hair type also tends to be pretty frizzy and can be weighed down by heavy products, so it’s important to use good quality stylers that are lightweight.Level

3: Curly Hair

Curly hair is defined by ringlets (aka coil or spring-shaped texture). This hair type frizzes up very easily in poor weather and is very easily damaged. This is why it is especially important to keep your hair healthy and happy with our Revitalizer product.Level

4: Kinky Hair

Kinky Hair ranges from tiny pen spring curls to z shaped kinky coils. This hair type is very easily damaged and can scrunch up to 3/4 of it’s length because of the small and tightly coiled texture. It is important for girls with level 4 hair keep their hair moisturized at all times to avoid damage, regular conditioning is key.