BellaGeneration Hair System New Live Chat

BellaGeneration Hair System New Live Chat

News just in! BellaGeneration Hair System announces our new Live Bella Chat to better serve our online customers questions, inquiries and more to connect around the clock. We are getting a lot of questions about our 4 Level System and what it means and what level best fits which hair texture.  We are new and we want to ensure each and every customer has their questions fully answered correctly before making a purchase. 

“In our effort to bring the best customer experience to our clients, we are so proud to announce the launching of our new global customer service center”. Our clients will now be able to call in and get real time answers to questions they have about our products, or which product is best suited for their hair type. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can guide you on your path to healthy hair."- CEO/Founder, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes

Log on today and engage live. Contact our corporate office at for further inquiries if you wish to order our product for your retail store or salon. 

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